Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Losing It With Leanne Challenge Day 27 - Pants

Have I mentioned I'm loving Losing It With Leanne? Because I really am. I'm doing well, I'm only hungry when I get too 'busy' to eat on time, and I'm learning so much!

Before I started this plan I was eating way too much. Most suppers I was having 1.5-2.5 servings! But now, I have learned so much about portion sizes and, most importantly, I have learned that I will not go hungry eating 'properly portioned' meals! That was an underlying fear in the back of my mind.

The best thing about Losing it With Leanne is that it teaches you a great way to eat AND cook for yourself with real food. This is a sustainable way to live! I think when I'm done, I'll probably go back to three meals a day with the random snack, and breakfast and lunch will be a LITTLE bigger, but not that much. I'll probably keep Kashi on hand for a guilt-free snack when I get hungry between meals. And I'll be cooking Saving Dinner recipes at least 80% of the time. I'm going to KEEP what I learned about portions and run with it!

So after all this, I bet you're wondering where the pants title came from - I'm getting there! :D The last time I bought pants was mid-July?? And I bought size 15 the time before was size 16 well, this week I broke out a pair of TWELVES my sister gave me, and I don't feel intimidated at all by the pair of elevens my friend has offered me :D

Had a dinner party with friends on Friday and I did pretty well. I did my best to bring safe foods for me. Not 'on-plan' but I definitely ate way less than I would have had before. I'm starting to switch my mentality from "look at what I can't have" to: "I can't believe people eat all this!" (That's mostly for amount of food, mind you.)

Thank you, Leanne! You teach me so much!

So anyway, thank you for joining me, and I hope I can help you! It really is fun to be a Homemaking Diva!!

Please comment or send your questions to me at homemakingdiva@hotmail.com

Have great day!

Valerie :D

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